The company objective was to use data from fleet owners, routes and environmental factors to offer instant quotes and booking options for charter bus rentals which is unique in the industry.


People trying to book charter buses often have to wait for days to get a quote from bus agencies. This is because there was no centralized inventory, tools, or software to fetch real time availability data from suppliers.


By leveraging proprietary tools such as machine learning and automation, Bus.com can offer instant quotes and allow users to compare prices of different bus types and book a bus within minutes.


As a Senior Product Manager for Bus.com, my goal was to extend the real-time quotes feature to enterprise customers.

I worked with our multidisciplinary team to extend the auto-scheduling capability to enterprise trips, matching demand to inventory, and growing trip request fulfillment rate by 40%.


The primary product is a web app product that allows users to get prices of charter buses by entering time, origin and destination of a trip and other relevant information.

Based on user's information, the app can price the trip based on a proprietary algorithm.